TokyoDuckTours is a thrilling adventurous attraction, boarding the wild style amphibious bus to enjoy sightseeing from the land and then to splash“Oh!DIVE” into the sea of ODAIBA.


tour courses

Two popular courses of Tokyo Duck Tours
"Oh! DIVE into ODAIBA sea" in service !


From Tokyo Prince Hotel ”Oh!DIVE”course


From Fuji Television ”Oh!DIVE”course



Same-day reservations are available if there is a vacant seat.
Please feel free to call us.

  1. Check


  2. 只今運休中


    From Tokyo Prince Hotel


    From the parking lot in front of Gundam
    “Oh!DIVE” course

    reception time/9:00 - 18:00

  3. Please gather at the reception counter at least 15 minutes before departure time.

    Due to weather, water level, operation etc., we will take a cancellation or change the course or time. Please check service information.


Notice before boarding

  • The amphibious bus, windows are open style for safety purpose. Please prepare a raincoat if it is rainy. (We run in rainy conditions)
  • When riding, it is necessary to go up 5 steps to the bus. (If you are concerned about getting up and off, please contact us by telephone in advance)
  • There is no storage on the bus, we could not keep your luggage. Please use the coin locker in the vicinity.
  • Air conditioner is not equipped.
  • In winter, we are preparing a throw or bench coat, but please come out with warm outfit. (Except during rainy weather)
  • Do not bring food or drink into the car.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the bus.
  • Due to weather, water level, operation criteria specified by our company, traffic conditions, vehicle maintenance, river construction, events etc., we will take a cancellation or change the course or time without prior notice.
  • To prepare the passenger list, we will ask your name, sex, age and address of all participants.
  • For primary schoolchild or lower, require to wear a life jacket.
  • There is no rest rooms in the car.
  • Self-shooting stick (CELFI STYC) is prohibited in the bus.
  • We do not accept boarding drunken persons.
  • Pets would not be accepted.(Guide, assistant, or hearing dogs can be brought in, please let us know in advance)

Booking change or cancellation

  • In the case of reservation change, it will be 200 yen per person per time.
  • Cancellation fee will be charged as below.
    Until 10 - 8 days :20% Until 7 - 2 days :30% the previous day :40% the boarding day :50% Canceled with no contact :100%
    For reservation for charters, cancellation fee will be different. Please contact us.

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